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Greetings from Portland

I’m in our Portland office, enjoying it very much. Great people in a great atmosphere. Yesterday I had dinner at Meriwether’s here in Portland,  and it was extremely good. I had a wonderful cut of beef, with a brussels sprouts au gratin. Today I’ve had 2 larabars and I just went down to the awesome Kindle Kart food truck,   and got a ground brisket burger patty with cheese and grilled onions over a bed of arugula. It was very, very good. We’re going to be heading out to Seattle soon, stopping at a store where I’ll grab a few apples to get me through the day, and I can actually eat where I want tonight, I think..

Tomorrow begins the training, where the food is all catered, and I’m gonna do my best…

Next time you hear from me I’ll be in Seattle, and I’ll update as I can!


Peanuts is jerks.

So last night we went to the hockey game, and I got a bag of peanuts. The ingredients looked safe, but they were surely not. I’m still feeling the effects and it’s been like 20 hours.. very lame.

On the good side, Andrew made his Lava Burgers, and they were Toppest of Notches. I also had 3 apples as my side dish. Tonight we are having some delicious steak I do believe, so at least today will be a fine food day.

Next time you hear from me (whenever I can) I’ll be in Portland or Seattle, trying my best to stay nourished. The fun life I lead.. Thanks for all of you who read and comment! It makes me want to keep going, and I’m having a lot of fun doing this, even though some of them are in the “Unfortunate” category, like today.  Have a great week coming up, and good eating to you!

Or Not…

Apparently the Studio Movie Grill hates children, and if the baby is 2 or under after 6 pm, and your movie is PG 13 or R, they will not let you in. Sadly we booked online and they don’t have that anywhere on their website. At least they refunded most of my money.. sans the service charge. You can guess how I spoke to the manager before we left. After driving around deciding where to eat, we ended up at Twisted Root. I had a few apples when we got home.. as while Twisted Root can accommodate me, it’s not much food. The andrew lava burgers are on hold for the day as well.

The moral of the story is I will never go to studio movie grill again, ever. Tonight is the allen minor league or something hockey game, we are bringing Teddy, so it will be ultimately awesome.  I ate two bananas for breakfast. That’s all I got.

A new day, with new food

Tonight we are all traveling to the studio movie grill, since everywhere else is playing Django too early or late. I’m very much looking forward to seeing it. After seeing the menu at the movie grill.. I’m very much not looking forward to eating at it. From what I gather, I can eat the “grilled chicken strips” as long as the sauce that comes with it isn’t touching it.

It is actually quite difficult to go out to eat being me. It’s never awesome when people ask if we want to join them at “insert food place here.” Allow me to run down the look at a restaurant experience.

“Oh here’s one thing on the menu I can eat.. if they remove, this, this, and this, and can substitute all the sides completely.. I sure hope they have sides I can eat. (Sometimes they don’t.)”Since I can’t have Salad Dressing…. well you understand. (Or soda, or butter, or bread, or anything fried, or anything seasoned “poorly”, or anything that isn’t fresh, and has preservatives, or almost any type of “sauce”)

So usually I’ll just say “no thanks”.. I don’t want to.. but I get hungry.I do get hungry..  Tomorrow is Saturday, and Andrew is making his “Andrew Famous” (ain’t no world know about these) Lava Burgers. Mine will have to be quite different than everyone else.. (which is why you general public friends, don’t have to offer to cook for me ever.) but it should still be most delicious. I’ve had the normal ones in the past, so I hope the Luke version stacks up to those.

That’s all I got. Need to get to Costco to get a box of larabars to take to Seattle so I don’t pass out from lack of food.

Also, click this link, to see where I theorize the anti-luke brigade meets regularly..

So I’m less sick now

After what can only be described as a wonderful day of all over aches and pains, and what felt like my kidneys trying to die.. I’m back amongst the living. Yesterday my diet was mostly apples (Like 8 of them.. I went nuts) and a bit of chicken, and then at dinner time Andrew made some pork for cuban sandwiches for the “normies.” I ate the pork by itself.. my body was clearly craving calories, as I woke up today 2 pounds lighter, after eating a bunch of pork, and the other stuff. I’m in much less pains today, and just feel only a little run down.. so back to work I go. I stopped on the way in to grab some racetrac coffee, as it does me right, and my lunch box holds 2 of the grapefruit juices, 3 apples, and a bit of baked chicken. This will surely get me through the day. Tonight my wonder-wife is hand crafting a delicious shrimp marinara with a fine organic (not “luke poison”) sauce, that I will enjoy over some broccoli, while they all feast upon the sweet meats of pasta.

I should probably explain that Andrew Johnson, his wife Lindsey, and their incredibly awesome son Teddy are living with us for now. So we are a house of 5, instead of 2 like we were before. It’s a lot of fun, and we get to cook for each other and have a great time!

That’s all I got for now.. I hope whoever actually reads this will stay tuned next week for my series on “How the crap do you eat while you are away for a week on business and everything is catered, but hopefully dinner isn’t cuz I’d like to eat at some point every day dot com.”


Turns out I was sick

I went to the doctor yesterday, and while he said my health was quite good apart from being sick (thanks healthy food!) I was quite sick. Turns out I have the sinus infection, the ear infection, and a touch of the bronchitis. Based on this, and the Dr’s suggestion, I purchased some NyQuil. As I was fairly out of it last night my brain wasn’t on. Roughly 30 seconds after I took the shot, I felt it, then read the label and saw so many things that are slang for CORN. So I took my super headache emergency pill which also makes me tired… so I got extremely tired extremely fast. That was a treat.

On the upside I ate 7 or so apples yesterday, a banana, an orange, a touch of chicken for lunch, and a touch more for dinner, covered with eggs, jalapenos, salsa (we’ve found like 3 I can have, pretty great) and some goat cheese. Made for a fine dinner omelet.

Next week I’ll be out of town from Monday to Saturday so expect very short and more than likely not awesome updates as all the meals are catered. The things I do for work..

So, what do I eat?

As I navigate food, I find myself going back to the same things a lot. Crazily, I eat between 3 to 6 apples a day now, as I love them, and they love me back. Generally for breakfast I have black coffee, as everything but organic milk is no good, and no artificial sweeteners allowed, and a banana, and/or a Larabar. for those trying to watch what they eat, please note if the “flavor” of the bar has chocolate, there is sugar in it. Also if you happen to be allergic to corn, a few of them have vanilla also, which is bad for us types. The link does have ingredients per bar, along with nutritional information.

For lunch I generally have some baked chicken, seasoned with Buttrub
When you are as I am, you also have to be VERY CAREFUL with spices, as a whole lot of them have anti-caking agents or preservatives, all of which are made of corn. Buttrub is one I can have, and one of my all time favorite blends. I usually have 2 apples with my lunch as well.. rarely a bit of cheese, or leftovers. When I have my texsun grapefruit juice, I will have one or two of those as well. It’s 100% pure juice, so it’s good for me to have. (I couldn’t find a website for them).

Dinner is whatever my lovely wife makes. Always some fresh meats, chicken, turkey, or beef. Plenty of veggies (broccoli is a favorite) ice cold water, and an apple or two. That’s generally it. For instance, last night we had stuffed peppers, very delicious and healthy (as she made them). The only snacking I can do, or will do, is fruit, so as you can tell, I’m eating fairly healthy.

There you have it, that’s what a normal day looks like for me now. I drink tons of water and a little coffee at work, and enjoy a healthy lunch, then go to the gym if I can.

Going forward, I’ll update with what delicious dinner I’ve had, favorite foods that I’ve discovered, and if anything causes me pain, as it’s almost everything that isn’t fresh, I find myself making mistakes from time to time, like when I learned I couldn’t have butter ever again.

Also for those of you who enjoy soda, all of it has corn in it. Diet and regular. (and I don’t just mean the HF Corn Syrup)