So, what do I eat?

As I navigate food, I find myself going back to the same things a lot. Crazily, I eat between 3 to 6 apples a day now, as I love them, and they love me back. Generally for breakfast I have black coffee, as everything but organic milk is no good, and no artificial sweeteners allowed, and a banana, and/or a Larabar. for those trying to watch what they eat, please note if the “flavor” of the bar has chocolate, there is sugar in it. Also if you happen to be allergic to corn, a few of them have vanilla also, which is bad for us types. The link does have ingredients per bar, along with nutritional information.

For lunch I generally have some baked chicken, seasoned with Buttrub
When you are as I am, you also have to be VERY CAREFUL with spices, as a whole lot of them have anti-caking agents or preservatives, all of which are made of corn. Buttrub is one I can have, and one of my all time favorite blends. I usually have 2 apples with my lunch as well.. rarely a bit of cheese, or leftovers. When I have my texsun grapefruit juice, I will have one or two of those as well. It’s 100% pure juice, so it’s good for me to have. (I couldn’t find a website for them).

Dinner is whatever my lovely wife makes. Always some fresh meats, chicken, turkey, or beef. Plenty of veggies (broccoli is a favorite) ice cold water, and an apple or two. That’s generally it. For instance, last night we had stuffed peppers, very delicious and healthy (as she made them). The only snacking I can do, or will do, is fruit, so as you can tell, I’m eating fairly healthy.

There you have it, that’s what a normal day looks like for me now. I drink tons of water and a little coffee at work, and enjoy a healthy lunch, then go to the gym if I can.

Going forward, I’ll update with what delicious dinner I’ve had, favorite foods that I’ve discovered, and if anything causes me pain, as it’s almost everything that isn’t fresh, I find myself making mistakes from time to time, like when I learned I couldn’t have butter ever again.

Also for those of you who enjoy soda, all of it has corn in it. Diet and regular. (and I don’t just mean the HF Corn Syrup)



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