Turns out I was sick

I went to the doctor yesterday, and while he said my health was quite good apart from being sick (thanks healthy food!) I was quite sick. Turns out I have the sinus infection, the ear infection, and a touch of the bronchitis. Based on this, and the Dr’s suggestion, I purchased some NyQuil. As I was fairly out of it last night my brain wasn’t on. Roughly 30 seconds after I took the shot, I felt it, then read the label and saw so many things that are slang for CORN. So I took my super headache emergency pill which also makes me tired… so I got extremely tired extremely fast. That was a treat.

On the upside I ate 7 or so apples yesterday, a banana, an orange, a touch of chicken for lunch, and a touch more for dinner, covered with eggs, jalapenos, salsa (we’ve found like 3 I can have, pretty great) and some goat cheese. Made for a fine dinner omelet.

Next week I’ll be out of town from Monday to Saturday so expect very short and more than likely not awesome updates as all the meals are catered. The things I do for work..


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