So I’m less sick now

After what can only be described as a wonderful day of all over aches and pains, and what felt like my kidneys trying to die.. I’m back amongst the living. Yesterday my diet was mostly apples (Like 8 of them.. I went nuts) and a bit of chicken, and then at dinner time Andrew made some pork for cuban sandwiches for the “normies.” I ate the pork by itself.. my body was clearly craving calories, as I woke up today 2 pounds lighter, after eating a bunch of pork, and the other stuff. I’m in much less pains today, and just feel only a little run down.. so back to work I go. I stopped on the way in to grab some racetrac coffee, as it does me right, and my lunch box holds 2 of the grapefruit juices, 3 apples, and a bit of baked chicken. This will surely get me through the day. Tonight my wonder-wife is hand crafting a delicious shrimp marinara with a fine organic (not “luke poison”) sauce, that I will enjoy over some broccoli, while they all feast upon the sweet meats of pasta.

I should probably explain that Andrew Johnson, his wife Lindsey, and their incredibly awesome son Teddy are living with us for now. So we are a house of 5, instead of 2 like we were before. It’s a lot of fun, and we get to cook for each other and have a great time!

That’s all I got for now.. I hope whoever actually reads this will stay tuned next week for my series on “How the crap do you eat while you are away for a week on business and everything is catered, but hopefully dinner isn’t cuz I’d like to eat at some point every day dot com.”



4 thoughts on “So I’m less sick now

  1. Lauren @ The Unlikely Runners

    I am interested to know what the crap you eat while out of town. On another note, I’m very glad you are feeling better and figuring things out – all of this is very interesting to me and so I appreciate you sharing your experience. You do have an amazing wife who thankfully loves to cook and find new things to make for you. God is good! 🙂


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