A new day, with new food

Tonight we are all traveling to the studio movie grill, since everywhere else is playing Django too early or late. I’m very much looking forward to seeing it. After seeing the menu at the movie grill.. I’m very much not looking forward to eating at it. From what I gather, I can eat the “grilled chicken strips” as long as the sauce that comes with it isn’t touching it.

It is actually quite difficult to go out to eat being me. It’s never awesome when people ask if we want to join them at “insert food place here.” Allow me to run down the look at a restaurant experience.

“Oh here’s one thing on the menu I can eat.. if they remove, this, this, and this, and can substitute all the sides completely.. I sure hope they have sides I can eat. (Sometimes they don’t.)”Since I can’t have Salad Dressing…. well you understand. (Or soda, or butter, or bread, or anything fried, or anything seasoned “poorly”, or anything that isn’t fresh, and has preservatives, or almost any type of “sauce”)

So usually I’ll just say “no thanks”.. I don’t want to.. but I get hungry.I do get hungry..  Tomorrow is Saturday, and Andrew is making his “Andrew Famous” (ain’t no world know about these) Lava Burgers. Mine will have to be quite different than everyone else.. (which is why you general public friends, don’t have to offer to cook for me ever.) but it should still be most delicious. I’ve had the normal ones in the past, so I hope the Luke version stacks up to those.

That’s all I got. Need to get to Costco to get a box of larabars to take to Seattle so I don’t pass out from lack of food.

Also, click this link, to see where I theorize the anti-luke brigade meets regularly.. http://www.cornpalace.org/


One thought on “A new day, with new food

  1. K-Trousdazzle

    You’re always welcome at our house and I will happily make Luke-Safe food. I keep telling your Wonder-Wife to check out Penzey’s Spices at Preston & 635 for a larger variety of spices, most of which will hopefully be safe for you. If you guys haven’t checked it out yet, you should. Have a good trip! Hope you can at least count on the coffee being safe! And apples. I’ve heard they grow some in Washington.


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