Or Not…

Apparently the Studio Movie Grill hates children, and if the baby is 2 or under after 6 pm, and your movie is PG 13 or R, they will not let you in. Sadly we booked online and they don’t have that anywhere on their website. At least they refunded most of my money.. sans the service charge. You can guess how I spoke to the manager before we left. After driving around deciding where to eat, we ended up at Twisted Root. I had a few apples when we got home.. as while Twisted Root can accommodate me, it’s not much food. The andrew lava burgers are on hold for the day as well.

The moral of the story is I will never go to studio movie grill again, ever. Tonight is the allen minor league or something hockey game, we are bringing Teddy, so it will be ultimately awesome.  I ate two bananas for breakfast. That’s all I got.


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