Peanuts is jerks.

So last night we went to the hockey game, and I got a bag of peanuts. The ingredients looked safe, but they were surely not. I’m still feeling the effects and it’s been like 20 hours.. very lame.

On the good side, Andrew made his Lava Burgers, and they were Toppest of Notches. I also had 3 apples as my side dish. Tonight we are having some delicious steak I do believe, so at least today will be a fine food day.

Next time you hear from me (whenever I can) I’ll be in Portland or Seattle, trying my best to stay nourished. The fun life I lead.. Thanks for all of you who read and comment! It makes me want to keep going, and I’m having a lot of fun doing this, even though some of them are in the “Unfortunate” category, like today.  Have a great week coming up, and good eating to you!


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