Greetings from Portland

I’m in our Portland office, enjoying it very much. Great people in a great atmosphere. Yesterday I had dinner at Meriwether’s here in Portland,  and it was extremely good. I had a wonderful cut of beef, with a brussels sprouts au gratin. Today I’ve had 2 larabars and I just went down to the awesome Kindle Kart food truck,   and got a ground brisket burger patty with cheese and grilled onions over a bed of arugula. It was very, very good. We’re going to be heading out to Seattle soon, stopping at a store where I’ll grab a few apples to get me through the day, and I can actually eat where I want tonight, I think..

Tomorrow begins the training, where the food is all catered, and I’m gonna do my best…

Next time you hear from me I’ll be in Seattle, and I’ll update as I can!


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