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I had to be sure

I did have to be sure. I shouldn’t have doubted the powdered sugar.. but I guess I didn’t want to believe I was “THAT” allergic.

So last night after hitting up the mall with Andrew and the main man (baby) Teddy, I came home and cleaned up the kitchen, as I am wont to do. Once I finished I noticed our big jug of Distilled White Vinegar (it’s on the Luke list of bad.) was almost empty. I took the last few bits, and poured it on my left hand, and waited. Within 10 minutes, my body was tightening up, my stomach was doing flips, and that lovely headache I know so well was breaking it’s way in. So there we have it. I’m “that” allergic.

Such is life. In an effort to be more careful, I purchased a messenger bag, or “my purse” as I call it, to keep my pills handy at all times, along with a few other items that I found necessary (Luke safe snacks, pen and paper, and so on.) It’s odd for me, but at the same time, I wore it at the mall, and forgot it was there pretty quick, so I think I’ll manage just fine.

That’s about all I got for now, just a personal warning to myself to be much more careful to not handle foods I wouldn’t eat.. and keep the things that help me nearby at all time.  I just hope I don’t get more and more allergic, if that’s a thing, and have to start carrying those epi pens.



I have to say, even I was suprised.

External sensitivity to allergies.

Powdered Sugar contains corn starch to prevent caking.

So on Saturday, my lovely wife had her lady friends over for their monthly book club meeting, and they had a brunch with many tasty snacks. I went grocery shopping with Andrew at this time. When I came home I helped clean up. I saw on the counter a bit of powdered sugar, and wiped it off with my hand. I did not wash my hands afterwords.

You can guess where this is going. As Corn Starch is very Corny, I had a very bad reaction. My brain exploded and my body still feels like I fought a bear.

It took me a day to figure out what I “ate,” as I didn’t eat anything I shouldn’t have. Then I said “Oh the powdered sugar” and my wife said “that has corn starch in it.”  That solved the puzzle.

I do have to say it’s interesting seeing how things effect me now, and in some cases, like the aforementioned, how sensitive to the “bad things” I really am. It was also fairly lame, as it took me out of commission for a good 16 hours.


Last night we had our little Oscar Party, and it was a great time. As a unit, (with Lindsey’s mom in town as our party guest), we made..

Queso, Fried Mac n Cheese Balls, Tiny apple pies, Garlic Flank Steak, Chimi Churri Sauce, Stuffed Peppers, and I have to say, we had a great time. Naturally I stuck to the steak, sauce, and peppers, as all were made “Luke safe.”

We couldn’t have asked for a better night, Teddy was in a great mood, and everyone had a blast, and ate their fill of tasty treats.

Tonight we are having Chicken with Marinara, over something I assume.. I just put the stuff in the crock pot. Costco has nice safe Marinara I can neat.

Side note before I go, Costco also has an amazing salsa that is my new boyfriend. (Melissa is fine with it, she loves the stuff too) (the yellow medium is what she brought home, don’t know if Costco has others.)

I recommend it.

Talk to you later.

I couldn’t be bothered

I’ve not felt like updating the last few days. I’ve been tired, in mind and body. Most of it’s due to getting over the bronchitis. I’ve had some great food prepared by my wife. Lots of good sausages, chicken, and steaks. I also bought a metric ton of black grapes, the tastiest of grapes.

It is now time to get back into the gym. I’m finally feeling good enough to get back into it, and I’m happy about that. I’m hoping it will wake me up, as I’m actually writing this with my eyes closed, as I’m so tired. Very odd.

Yesterday I ran up to wal-mart and grabbed a clutch of 5 dollar movies, including a thomas the train movie for teddy to enjoy, more so when he’s older, but he can start now. He’s the best, and I’m so glad he’s hanging out with us!

Tonight we’re having coffee with some of the Warnekings. Should be a fun time.

That’s all I got for now.

Well at least I have some meds to go with dinner..

I’ve got the bronchitis it would seem, my doc gave me some super antibiotics though. On the “drug warning” sheet he gave me, it actually says This drug is commonly used to treat anthrax poisoning and the plague. No screwing around this time I guess.

Last night we had some delicious steak, seasoned with Garlic and Lime. It was heavenly. My wife is amazing with the seasonings. I cooked it, as is my lot in life to cook beef, so naturally we feasted medium rare.

I’m on the road to recovery at least, and soon I’ll be back to my old grumpy self. Also I got my medical ID bracelets, so if I have some sort of accidents, they won’t IV me up with glucose, making my body very angry.

I think Wednesday I’m finally gonna see the Django. Finally.
That’s all I’ve got. See you on the other side.

Sausages and Waking Comas

Last night my wonder-wife made sausages, as we found one from Costco that is Luke friendly. It was an apple and chicken sausage, and to me, it was the most delicious sausage on earth. That could be in part due to the fact I haven’t had anything like that for a good while, but either way, I was in heaven. click the chicken apple one.. precooked too, so it can’t even be undercooked! She also roasted some peppers and zucchini, I was in feasty heaven.

Now for the Waking Comas part of the title. My doctor sent me a much, much stronger medicine, to fight the death of yesterday. It does make the pain very bearable, but it also makes my brain very sleepy. I have to ask people if we had a conversation, or if I just decided we did. It’s not near as fun as you’d think. It asks the question, is turning off part of your brain for a while worth beating extreme pain? When you aren’t in the pain, you can give it a real thought, but when you feel like I have lately, you don’t care at all.. you just want to feel decent again. Hopefully this will pass and I can knock off the crazy meds and go back to my normal ones.

Last night I took my pill, and passed out for an hour or two, not quite sure when I fell asleep, but I got back up at 10 pm. Then I went to bed.. the rest was extremely welcome. Tomorrow being saturday, will be very nice, as I can just rest, and have a nice time.. I believe we are going to try to see a movie, that will be nice.

I’m having a sausage, a bit of cheese, and a few apples for lunch today.. I will enjoy it.

I will enjoy it.


Why can’t I feel better?

I feel worse, I think, than I did yesterday. I just left a message for my doctor begging for something to take this pain away from me.. I can’t stand it. I HATE YOU CORN. I’m so tired of this pain.. it really needs to stop.. it’s messing up my life.

For the point of this blug, last night Linds made dinner, Shrimp and grits for the normies, and shrimp and a fried egg for me. She sauteed the shrimp in oil, seasoned with butt rub, my favorite seasoning. This was a delicious meal. Much props to her on her cooking.

I have no idea what we are having tonight, but I’m sure it will be delicious, if I can stay awake to eat it.

I’m so tired..