You didn’t hear from me in Seattle..

because.. I spent the entire time in either meetings, or pain. The food provided was deceptive, and when I even tried to avoid what I should avoid, the “safe things” as promised by waiters, etc, were not. It was not enjoyable to say the least.


BUT NOW, I’M HOME! My sweet wonderful beautiful wife surprised me with food presents! She found a sour cream and a cream cheese I can eat, at sprouts, and made stuffed jalapenos. She also got me a very delicious, 100% safe cherry cider, that was quite heavenly.

I’m almost back to normal after such a rough week, and apart from the pain, I did have a great time with some great people. I’m glad to have gone, I just wish I wouldn’t have been stuck with food that tried to kill me.


P.S. in an effort to be smart and safe, I ordered some medical bracelets, just in case I have a car accident etc. (IV nourishment is glucose, and I sure can’t have that..)


Thanks all for your kind words while I was gone.



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