Sausages and Waking Comas

Last night my wonder-wife made sausages, as we found one from Costco that is Luke friendly. It was an apple and chicken sausage, and to me, it was the most delicious sausage on earth. That could be in part due to the fact I haven’t had anything like that for a good while, but either way, I was in heaven. click the chicken apple one.. precooked too, so it can’t even be undercooked! She also roasted some peppers and zucchini, I was in feasty heaven.

Now for the Waking Comas part of the title. My doctor sent me a much, much stronger medicine, to fight the death of yesterday. It does make the pain very bearable, but it also makes my brain very sleepy. I have to ask people if we had a conversation, or if I just decided we did. It’s not near as fun as you’d think. It asks the question, is turning off part of your brain for a while worth beating extreme pain? When you aren’t in the pain, you can give it a real thought, but when you feel like I have lately, you don’t care at all.. you just want to feel decent again. Hopefully this will pass and I can knock off the crazy meds and go back to my normal ones.

Last night I took my pill, and passed out for an hour or two, not quite sure when I fell asleep, but I got back up at 10 pm. Then I went to bed.. the rest was extremely welcome. Tomorrow being saturday, will be very nice, as I can just rest, and have a nice time.. I believe we are going to try to see a movie, that will be nice.

I’m having a sausage, a bit of cheese, and a few apples for lunch today.. I will enjoy it.

I will enjoy it.



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