Well at least I have some meds to go with dinner..

I’ve got the bronchitis it would seem, my doc gave me some super antibiotics though. On the “drug warning” sheet he gave me, it actually says This drug is commonly used to treat anthrax poisoning and the plague. No screwing around this time I guess.

Last night we had some delicious steak, seasoned with Garlic and Lime. It was heavenly. My wife is amazing with the seasonings. I cooked it, as is my lot in life to cook beef, so naturally we feasted medium rare.

I’m on the road to recovery at least, and soon I’ll be back to my old grumpy self. Also I got my medical ID bracelets, so if I have some sort of accidents, they won’t IV me up with glucose, making my body very angry.

I think Wednesday I’m finally gonna see the Django. Finally.
That’s all I’ve got. See you on the other side.


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