I couldn’t be bothered

I’ve not felt like updating the last few days. I’ve been tired, in mind and body. Most of it’s due to getting over the bronchitis. I’ve had some great food prepared by my wife. Lots of good sausages, chicken, and steaks. I also bought a metric ton of black grapes, the tastiest of grapes.

It is now time to get back into the gym. I’m finally feeling good enough to get back into it, and I’m happy about that. I’m hoping it will wake me up, as I’m actually writing this with my eyes closed, as I’m so tired. Very odd.

Yesterday I ran up to wal-mart and grabbed a clutch of 5 dollar movies, including a thomas the train movie for teddy to enjoy, more so when he’s older, but he can start now. He’s the best, and I’m so glad he’s hanging out with us!

Tonight we’re having coffee with some of the Warnekings. Should be a fun time.

That’s all I got for now.


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