I had to be sure

I did have to be sure. I shouldn’t have doubted the powdered sugar.. but I guess I didn’t want to believe I was “THAT” allergic.

So last night after hitting up the mall with Andrew and the main man (baby) Teddy, I came home and cleaned up the kitchen, as I am wont to do. Once I finished I noticed our big jug of Distilled White Vinegar (it’s on the Luke list of bad.) was almost empty. I took the last few bits, and poured it on my left hand, and waited. Within 10 minutes, my body was tightening up, my stomach was doing flips, and that lovely headache I know so well was breaking it’s way in. So there we have it. I’m “that” allergic.

Such is life. In an effort to be more careful, I purchased a messenger bag, or “my purse” as I call it, to keep my pills handy at all times, along with a few other items that I found necessary (Luke safe snacks, pen and paper, and so on.) It’s odd for me, but at the same time, I wore it at the mall, and forgot it was there pretty quick, so I think I’ll manage just fine.

That’s about all I got for now, just a personal warning to myself to be much more careful to not handle foods I wouldn’t eat.. and keep the things that help me nearby at all time.  I just hope I don’t get more and more allergic, if that’s a thing, and have to start carrying those epi pens.



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