Monthly Archives: March 2013

Buy a bracelet


Go buy a bracelet.

This cause is important, and very important to me.




Only got 3 hours of sleep last night. Not sure why.. just not getting tired.. very odd.

In crappier news, my grandma is in the hospital. She got a knee replacement to become Bionic Grandma, but she had some trouble coming out of anesthesia.. and is hanging out in ICU till her oxygen levels blah blah something. Spent an hour up at the hospital last night, gonna pop up there after work as well.

Perhaps tonight I will sleep.

Too short of a weekend.

On Sunday, I had a bit of a reaction, so I took my meds, and slept from like 1 to 6 pm. Naturally I couldn’t get back to sleep at night till 1 am. 99% of every morning starts the same way lately. It involves me not hearing the alarms at all, and relying totally onĀ  my sweet wife to wake me from my slumber. I’m so very lucky, and so very happy to have her in my life. I changed the alarm tones on my phone last night.. didn’t even notice. Not sure what to do about this one.. but my body constantly craves sleep.

It’s a beautiful day, go outside.

My sunday was filled with leftovers for meals, reminding me how excellent a chef I live with.

It’s Monday afternoon, and I want to take a nap. Someone send me a nap.

It’s Pi Day. Pie for everyone.



I can’t have pie. That cat cracks me up.

I’m curious to know who actually reads this. I hear some people say to me they do.. but I always wonder who else. If you do read this, please leave a comment, or tell me on facebook or twitter. I’m just interested.

Last night Mello the wonder wife made us a delicious beanie veggie chickenie cheesey concoction, and it was quite heavenly. She is such an amazing cook.

I also was doing research, and cannot find a single hair care for styling product available that doesn’t have corn. I need to check more.. but it’s not looking good for the curls..

I need this weekend coming up. I’m so tired. I walked through the strong stench of cologne at work.. and it ruined my day yesterday. I didn’t start to feel right till 10 30 pm. The cologne was at noonish.

I’m contemplating wearing a mask in the halls up here.. but that’d look so weird.. I just don’t know.

P.S. I’ve ordered a 2nd purse for just in case something happens to my current one, and so I can have a spare for switching out.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!


All’s quiet on the western front

Nothing has really happened new.. started to have a run in with a scented candle, but it was blown out and I was fine. Last night had some delicious chicken sausage for dinner, with Jalapenos and Mateo Salsa. (heaven)

Now that the general update is out of the way, let me tell you about my dentist visit yesterday.

Dr. Tiner in richardson, and his staff, are the end all be all of best people ever. When I arrived, they had luke safe gloves, and luke safe tools all ready to go. (the regular tooth polisher is not gluten free. The one they used on me was.) As the cleaner of teeth lady was getting started she was telling me about their get ready approach. All candles were blown out before I arrived, none of the staff had on perfume, and they made sure there were no issues with my exam room with anything “luke unsafe.”

They are the greatest dental team in the whole world, in my opinion.

Simply Amazing.

The next day.

As you read, yesterday I had my first tangle with anaphylaxis. I also had my first interaction with the Epi-pen. Now that I’m all better after sleeping 10ish hours.. before bed time.. I can tell you about the next day.

My leg feels like someone took a baseball bat to it. Walking is painful.. I busted out the old cane to help. That being said, I’ll gladly take leg pain over the feeling of not being able to breathe, increasing as the minutes go by. So +1 to the epi-pen.. It is my new best pal.