I’m all stocked up.

In the battle of Man vs. Corn, I have more weapons now.

First things first, I purchased a purse I can carry around. (some people call it a messenger bag, but I refer to it as my purse, as it makes me laugh in my head uncontrollably.) In said purse I carry plenty of Luke safe snacks, some Kleenex, once I get the latex free non powdered gloves, I’ll keep some in there.. I also have some pen and paper, and my corn-free lotion spray, as my corn free soap can leave me a little dry.

I also have my medicines in there, including my two new best pals. A  benedryl type medicine, and an epi-pen. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’ve not had any issues where I’d need an epi, but as my allergy seems to be growing in strength, who knows what the future may hold. Better safe than sorry.

Last night we feasted on a delicious beef and veggie soup. I enjoyed it very much. No idea what tonight is, and melissa will be gone Saturday and Sunday, so I’ll be fending for myself I suppose.

P.S. with the new corn free toiletries I feel very different. I didn’t realize how I felt before, until I started using the new stuff, and feel much better, all over.

Things are starting to look up.


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