I’m actually scared

I’m having a reaction, as I write this, and I have no idea to what. My chest is tight, and my head is pounding and I’m itchy all over. It’s almost like one of those panic attacks, probably due to the fact that It’s only twentyish after nine, and I’m about 100% positive I haven’t come into contact with anything corn or gluten related, at all.

This one is different too.. I’ve not had chest tightness before. In all my research, and info from the doctors, it’s stated clearly that most corn allergic people’s symptoms do get more severe over time.. but I figured over time meant later. For those keeping score at home, the chest tightness, which is making it slightly annoying to breathe is brand new for me.. not sure what’s going on here… and the medicine needed, will knock me out. I’m at work.


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