All’s quiet on the western front

Nothing has really happened new.. started to have a run in with a scented candle, but it was blown out and I was fine. Last night had some delicious chicken sausage for dinner, with Jalapenos and Mateo Salsa. (heaven)

Now that the general update is out of the way, let me tell you about my dentist visit yesterday.

Dr. Tiner in richardson, and his staff, are the end all be all of best people ever. When I arrived, they had luke safe gloves, and luke safe tools all ready to go. (the regular tooth polisher is not gluten free. The one they used on me was.) As the cleaner of teeth lady was getting started she was telling me about their get ready approach. All candles were blown out before I arrived, none of the staff had on perfume, and they made sure there were no issues with my exam room with anything “luke unsafe.”

They are the greatest dental team in the whole world, in my opinion.

Simply Amazing.


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