It’s Pi Day. Pie for everyone.



I can’t have pie. That cat cracks me up.

I’m curious to know who actually reads this. I hear some people say to me they do.. but I always wonder who else. If you do read this, please leave a comment, or tell me on facebook or twitter. I’m just interested.

Last night Mello the wonder wife made us a delicious beanie veggie chickenie cheesey concoction, and it was quite heavenly. She is such an amazing cook.

I also was doing research, and cannot find a single hair care for styling product available that doesn’t have corn. I need to check more.. but it’s not looking good for the curls..

I need this weekend coming up. I’m so tired. I walked through the strong stench of cologne at work.. and it ruined my day yesterday. I didn’t start to feel right till 10 30 pm. The cologne was at noonish.

I’m contemplating wearing a mask in the halls up here.. but that’d look so weird.. I just don’t know.

P.S. I’ve ordered a 2nd purse for just in case something happens to my current one, and so I can have a spare for switching out.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!



5 thoughts on “It’s Pi Day. Pie for everyone.

  1. K-Trousdazzle

    He means you–you random people in Ireland and other fantastic places outside of Texas! 😉 Who are you??
    Start searching pinterest for DIY hair concoctions. I’ve heard coconut oil is beneficial. Making your own hair products is not entirely uncommon, or so Pinterest would make you think…


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