Too short of a weekend.

On Sunday, I had a bit of a reaction, so I took my meds, and slept from like 1 to 6 pm. Naturally I couldn’t get back to sleep at night till 1 am. 99% of every morning starts the same way lately. It involves me not hearing the alarms at all, and relying totally on  my sweet wife to wake me from my slumber. I’m so very lucky, and so very happy to have her in my life. I changed the alarm tones on my phone last night.. didn’t even notice. Not sure what to do about this one.. but my body constantly craves sleep.

It’s a beautiful day, go outside.

My sunday was filled with leftovers for meals, reminding me how excellent a chef I live with.

It’s Monday afternoon, and I want to take a nap. Someone send me a nap.


One thought on “Too short of a weekend.

  1. Mello

    IIIIIIIII noticed that you changed your alarm. So you don’t remember me hearing it and exclaiming, what the hell? Bc that’s how the day started… 😉


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