It’s a new day

Well it sure is a new day.

I got put on some more, new, meds. I apparently wasn’t dealing with the drastic life change that is being allergic to everything, and am now diagnosed as “clinically depressed.”

The meds seem to help, I feel like I’m awake in ways I was sleeping before, not dealing with the absence of foods that had memories attached to them. That was unhealthy.. as was my desire to grab 2 bagels and shove them down my throat. (don’t worry.. they came back out.) Very self destructive. This is when we (melissa wonderwife and myself) realized there was a deeper issue at hand here. I can’t speak enough about how wonderful she is to me, and stands by me through thick and thin.

So that desire is gone now, to feel normal, by harming myself with foods etc.

My body is still getting over that stupidity earlier in the week, but the new meds are definitely a plus.


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