Sometimes I wonder if I’m really stupid

I really do. Yesterday, after having a ton of pain and trouble waking up.. I rolled into work late, and proceeded to have a horrible day. I couldn’t  get right, my medicine seemed to do nothing.

Then I got stupid. In the afternoon I decided to swing by the vending machine to “See how allergic I REALLY am.”  All of you reading this now are surely wondering what’s wrong with my brain.

My body at that point, decided to show me how allergic I am to eating bad things, by the hell-headache, and the… digestion-al… punishment.

So it does ask, am I really stupid?

After work, I began to recognize I was going to keep being a moron unless I made a change or two to my diet, to allow certain needs to be met. So at the grocery store, I found some rice crackers. No wheat, no corn products, and I’m in love. My need to crunch n munch on a nice snack is satiated! I had some last night with hummus and some with salsa (like a chip) and I was very happy!

Then I realized the plums I purchased weren’t ripe yet.

Seriously, but I play it up on here like it ruined my night.. it did not.  I fell asleep around 10 and slept through the night, and much like if you have a baby do that, it was a great accomplishment.

So yeah, I’m gonna have to be careful to not be a fool.. my foolishness made me put on a few pounds too.. so I have to work on that.

I’ll have to work on that.


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