Monthly Archives: November 2013

Fragrance free Febreeze?!?

Fragrance free Febreeze.. I just saw a commercial for it. I’m so hopeful. I’m going to go buy some and trial it. If it works, that’d be wonderful! I miss the ability to febreeze things and this could be a great solution!

Updates on me. Hmmm. I’m doing ok.. anniversary is Tuesday. 2 years!! I’m so happy I’ve gotten to spend the last 2 years married to the love of my life. Mello is most amazing 🙂

Also for the anniversary Melissa got me a new wedding band. Let me see if I can find a picture online… it’s not a great picture, just a screen grab but there you go. I’m very proud of it. That’s all for now! My next update should be about the febreeze, and if it’s safe for me or not!





It’s been a while

Sorry for the massive gap in between posts. I’ve been busy with not being busy. Health is questionable. Looking for work, and got a perfect dog. I’ll update more in the near future.


Hope you are all having a great one!