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Bad Foods

Day Two

This is the second day of the, I think, worst migraine I’ve ever had. It’s not as bad today as it was yesterday, but it seems to be medicine proof. It also doesn’t seem to be allergy related.. so it’s very confusing.

I feel like a tired old man.


Coffee and such

So since the last time I updated, I’ve joined a bit of a facebook support group for corn allergy type people. It’s been very great, and they’ve been telling me about products I never thought of.

We now own organic coffee. I’ll have to find if there are any coffee places that pour organic coffee around.. this could be a tough one. The desire to feel good is great though. So I shall be strong.. and maybe only drink coffee from home. I’ll have to check the coffee bar at central market.. note to self.

I also had some organic honey last night. Sweetest thing ever! Didn’t bother me, so if I’m safe… and get safe honey.. that I know what flower was used etc… YUM.

That’s all I got for now.. oh I posted a cool recipe to my wall on the FB.. you should check it out.


When people don’t understand how I live now, and tell me as much.. when they say they understand, and obviously don’t.. and make me feel horrible for being the way I HAVE TO be now.. it makes me very frustrated.

I’m fully aware that I’m no longer “Normal,” and I have to be on a lot of meds, which can cause problems. I’m very aware that it’s not easy to understand what I’m going through, because few people have so much taken away from them, as part of their normal daily life, in an instant.

I get it, I’m different.


Sometimes I wonder if I’m really stupid

I really do. Yesterday, after having a ton of pain and trouble waking up.. I rolled into work late, and proceeded to have a horrible day. I couldn’t  get right, my medicine seemed to do nothing.

Then I got stupid. In the afternoon I decided to swing by the vending machine to “See how allergic I REALLY am.”  All of you reading this now are surely wondering what’s wrong with my brain.

My body at that point, decided to show me how allergic I am to eating bad things, by the hell-headache, and the… digestion-al… punishment.

So it does ask, am I really stupid?

After work, I began to recognize I was going to keep being a moron unless I made a change or two to my diet, to allow certain needs to be met. So at the grocery store, I found some rice crackers. No wheat, no corn products, and I’m in love. My need to crunch n munch on a nice snack is satiated! I had some last night with hummus and some with salsa (like a chip) and I was very happy!

Then I realized the plums I purchased weren’t ripe yet.

Seriously, but I play it up on here like it ruined my night.. it did not.  I fell asleep around 10 and slept through the night, and much like if you have a baby do that, it was a great accomplishment.

So yeah, I’m gonna have to be careful to not be a fool.. my foolishness made me put on a few pounds too.. so I have to work on that.

I’ll have to work on that.


Only got 3 hours of sleep last night. Not sure why.. just not getting tired.. very odd.

In crappier news, my grandma is in the hospital. She got a knee replacement to become Bionic Grandma, but she had some trouble coming out of anesthesia.. and is hanging out in ICU till her oxygen levels blah blah something. Spent an hour up at the hospital last night, gonna pop up there after work as well.

Perhaps tonight I will sleep.

I’m actually scared

I’m having a reaction, as I write this, and I have no idea to what. My chest is tight, and my head is pounding and I’m itchy all over. It’s almost like one of those panic attacks, probably due to the fact that It’s only twentyish after nine, and I’m about 100% positive I haven’t come into contact with anything corn or gluten related, at all.

This one is different too.. I’ve not had chest tightness before. In all my research, and info from the doctors, it’s stated clearly that most corn allergic people’s symptoms do get more severe over time.. but I figured over time meant later. For those keeping score at home, the chest tightness, which is making it slightly annoying to breathe is brand new for me.. not sure what’s going on here… and the medicine needed, will knock me out. I’m at work.