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“Like a big ol’ punch in the gut”

I apologize for not updating lately, I’ve been lazy, and under the weather.

I’ve got a bacterial infection in my stomach, and like the title there, it doesn’t feel very nice. Not quite sure what happened, started out as food poisoning and turned into this.. very uncomfortable.

I’m very sleepy today.. it’s only noon time, and it needs to be 5-time. I apologize for the massive delay in updating.. work has been very busy and hectic lately, and my at home time is spent either playing on the gameboy I got, or watching a movie, or sleeping. I am that exciting.


Also I need to take a moment to dedicate this post to Kindra Couch, the first person to ever administer my epi-pen. She selflessly stabbed me when I was having some trouble breathing, to say the least. I had never done it and was worried I’d flinch or pull up or just do it wrong, and she stepped right up and helped me out. She is an amazing person and anyone would be lucky to call her a friend. If you happen to see her or talk to her on the street etc, give her a big hug for me, as she is a hero, and really great friend.


I will update this thing again, sooner rather than later, cuz I know you all miss me.